Visual Arts International

Fri 05 October—Sat 03 November


Sleep, Somnambulism, Madness

Presented in association with Gertrude Contemporary

Free Event

Gertrude Contemporary

Free Event

It's the land you visit nightly, but any souvenirs vanish upon arriving home.

Every animal sleeps in some form, yet the workings of the slumbering mind remain largely a mystery. No wonder the sleeping figure has been a staple of Western painting and sculpture for millennia, suggesting beauty, vulnerability, sexuality or fatigue. Now: forget all that.

This is a major international exhibition that explores how artists have tried to understand sleep not merely as a passive subject but as the cryptic and confronting thing that it is. From bold and dramatic encounters with the subconscious to altered states and wakingdreams, artists from Andy Warhol to Chicks on Speed open windows onto the bizarreand fascinating world we spend a third of our lives within.

You are feeling sleepy. Very sleepy.



Join us for the opening of this special exhibition. Free and no RSVP required.

The Telepathy Project. Dreaming the Collection, 2013. Site-specific participatory performance as part of NGV Now Installation view, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne. Courtesy the artists.